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Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11th Photoshoot.

Hello, world! Shelby and Stevie here. We just finished snapping photos out under the uncomfortably hot Southern California sun in the middle of a field with a Canon Rebel T3 and a humble 18-55mm lens. Above, we have attached a slideshow that showcases our newest photographs, linked to our Flickr account, that you should totally check out. Images will change often, so be sure to check it periodically.

If anyone would like to know, Shelby's skirt is from Miss Selfridge and her lovely sailboat shirt is from Forever 21. Stevie, on the other hand, got her skirt from American Apparel and her unicorn shirt from Urban Outfitters, if any of y'all cared. We used various items as props: two glass Coca Cola bottles, an antique tea set (Yeah, I really have no idea where it came from), a Kodak pocket instamatic, and whatever props nature gave us (which wasn't much).

So, please do enjoy our photos as we will be posting more in the near future. 


Shelby & Stevie