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Monday, November 19, 2012

Them Crazy Mondays

This is what Shelby and I did today in case anyone cares.
Also, we did a mini photo shoot!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love Prevails

Today, while sitting on a bed of pebbles in my backyard, I overheard my four year old neighbor tell his father something that I don't think I'll be able to "unhear," for quite a while. As the 11-o'-clock sun beat down on me, with my matted hair and pajama pants, I heard little (we'll call him) Daniel exclaim, "I hate you!" His father paused for about half a beat, before laughing and saying, "no, you don't, Danny." Daniel didn't have to think twice about it, because he simply said, "yes, I do."
Now, whether the boy meant it or not, I was still unable to register that this toddler actually thought that he felt such a distain toward his father. I'm not sure how their relationship will work out as Daniel matures, but I wish them the best. I would like to dedicate this post to the people, places, and things I love.

In the meantime, here are some photos that represent one of my favorite months. 

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving. As Ellen says, be kind to one another. Thank you for reading, and please remember to be thankful and appreciative. 

Shelby Alice

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aesop Rock and Alabama Shakes.

Hello, readers. It is I, Stevie, of the best friend duo. Sorry I haven't been posting as much as Shelby has. But that should be changing soon!

This post will be reviews on rapper Aesop Rock and the up and coming band, Alabama Shakes.

No, not Asap Rocky, who sort of stole Aesop Rock's name. But Aesop Rock. The rapper who first debuted in the super early 2000's.

Wow, when I started writing this post, my boyfriend called to Facetime me and I was listening to Aesop Rock, writing this post, and then he just started a rap battle with me. I just got sidetracked. Sorry, y'all. Rap battles are healthy for all relationships.

Anyways, Aesop Rock is a bit of a blast from the past, and he's pretty good. His lyrics are a bit hard to follow (or at least on my first listen, they have been), but I kind of like it. Odd Future reminds me a bit of Aesop, but he doesn't have that "rebellious"(I guess you could call it) sort of tone to his lyrics. He's a great listen, if you're in a rap kind of mood.

Alabama Shakes. They were my great find last weekend. They have a bit of a bluesy/folk feel, with a some rock sprinkled over it. Their debut album, Boys & Girls, is what I'm currently super into. The vocals are so powerful, the music easy listening to. It just makes you feel good. If you're into The Black Keys, you'll totally love Alabama Shakes. Go on. Check them out now on Spotify. You'll thank me later.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Taylor Swift: Red and A Fine Frenzy: Pines

This is a duo album review, analyzing the newest released records of Taylor Swift and A Fine Frenzy. Both albums were released in October, and although the month has recently passed, these reviews have been long over-due.

We knew this was coming, the album was recently released on October 22nd, and Taylor Swift has been all over the media. Between her infamous songs (in which the lyrics not only spotlight her ex-lovers, but highlight each and every one of their mistakes) and her disgusting, failed relationship with Connor Kennedy, Taylor Swift just loves attention.

Her album, Red, is filled with dance-inspired songs (a new addition to her Wikipedia "Genre," section), reminiscent ballads, and annoyingly screechy anthems. Her first single, "We Are Never Getting Back Together," not only rattles through the depths of your mind, but brings you to the conclusion that at 22, Swift really shouldn't be focusing on juvenile relationships. These kinds of relationships, however, seem to be the only thing keeping her from being another lost country star.

Red is a poppier, more repetitive side of Swift's musical career. "22," and "I Knew You Were Trouble." are quite a jump from her previous singles. Personally, I don't like this new sound Swift has experimented with; her songwriting abilities seem to be lacking throughout the album, with uninspired beats and immature choruses. Expect the usual pining for her ex-lovers on each track.

"Starlight," is one of my personal favorites, despite the ho-hum tracks on Red. Although the painfully raw lyrics we're used to hearing from Swift are not present throughout the album (at least not as much as I'd like them to be), "Starlight," and "Everything Has Changed," (a duet with Ed Sheeran) really stand out on Red. "The Last Time," (a duet with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) is a beautiful ballad between Lightbody's rugged voice and Swift's haunted notes. 

Because the majority of Swift's songs revolve around her unsuccesful relationships, her tracks are the perfect remedy for a bad breakup. Red switches things up a little, replacing yearning verses with "mainstreamed," whoa-oh-oh chants.

All in all, Red is not a total blow. The album is not as insightful as her previous album's, the lyrics seeming a bit forced and repetitive, and the guitar is evidently missing throughout Red. It isn't Swift's usual sound, and she should probably go back to her folksy Speak Now jingles. For you die hard Swift fans, try not to be too disappointed. But who knows, you might just like it.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars
View Red HERE.

Be sure to check out Swift's bonus track, "Come Back.. Be Here."


Pines, by A Fine Frenzy, takes Alison Sudol's voice to an entirely new level. Sudol's previous hits include "Almost Lover," a daunting, reminiscent ballad, and a personal favorite of mine, "What I Wouldn't Do." Pines, however, is not quite the case. As reviewers on iTunes have speculated, Pines seems to be more of a self-indlugent album, rather than the long awaited masterpiece that her fans anticipated.

As a long time fan of A Fine Frenzy, I approached the album with an open mind. Sudol's opening track jumps into a peaceful, yoga-esque, beach soundtrack. For the first minute or so, Sudol entrances her fans, as always, with her soothing melodies. This, however, is not at all short lived, as the album continues at the same pace for the first third of the album.The first six tracks are solemn, calming, and all together boring. 

If it is Sudol's signature, upbeat tunes you are looking for, promptly skip to the seventh track, "Sailingsong," before switching to, "It's Alive." "Now Is The Start," concludes Sudol's uplifting tracks on the album Pines

Pines is nothing more than a disappointment, as her fans have waited a total of two years for her next release. The songs are more meant for background eulogy music, rather than a sing-along in your room playlist.

Sudol, ultimately, should stick to heart warming ballads paired with poetic verses, rather than the strained, upsetting record she has presented us. Unless you enjoy aching for the lover you never really had or watching paint dry, Pines is not for you.

Verdict: 2 out of 5 stars View Pines HERE.

Shelby Alice