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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gated Communities

Hello, one. Hello, all. Stevie here. Sorry Shelby and I haven't been posting much lately. With school starting and all of that jazz, things have been pretty hectic for the both of us. High school is a full time job that neither of us want.

We have squeezed in time together to take a large amounts of photos, though. Shelby invited me over, and we were in search of a new place to take photos. Somewhere with calm streets and beautiful scenery. That's hard to find when you're in a busy and bustling suburb, so we decided to go to a "friend's" house who lives in a gated community, and it was the best idea we've had yet.

Shelby and Stevie in the street

Pretty nice, right? The best part was the weather. It wasn't disgustingly hot, but it wasn't freezing cold. Well, freezing cold to San Diego standards. The weather was just fantastic that day, and the lighting was perfect.

 Stevie aka me

Shelby aka not me

I don't know if Shelby mentioned what she got for Christmas, so I will. She got the lovely Nikon D3200, which we used for these lovely photos, which I'm sure she'll write a review about soon. 

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