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Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 28th Photo Shoot

Well, hello there! We've been gone (yes, again) but we've gotten together for a fun little shoot in the middle of Balboa Park. Winter in California isn't usually too chilly, although this particular Friday, we ditched our skirts and shorts for some traditional outerwear. Sweaters, boots, oh my!
As the New Year approaches, we'll be trying to post more often, and have more photos to share with you all. This time, we used the new Nikon D3200 and those kick-ass 200mm lens. 

Shelby was laughing at something stupid, in the photo above, probably her own joke.

Stevie, here, was psyched just to be out of her house for a few hours, 
as she shows off her signature face.

Photos from the rest of the little shoot can be viewed HERE.

C'est tout.

Shelby & Stevie

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